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Amie Yancey:: I believe "great" markets, even though Scott fights me on it. I put added coatings and also touches on them that-- I indicate, no one in this community, unless they were keeping the home or was a house owner boosting it, would certainly have included a double-stacked closet (like I did to this home today). All those closets have actually been redecorated, they're obtaining sittinged glass in them, limestone floorings.
Scott states visitors of the show are really just seeing a snapshot of their actual life. Scott keeps in mind customers are just shown the anxiety that results in their high-tension, high-speed objective to dominate the actual estate land of plenty in Vegas. "What the people see is us stressed in a residence on an episode," Scott informed The Las Vegas Sun.

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Amie Yancey acts as representative, financier, and indoor developer for the Goliath Company, inning accordance with the A&E Flipping Vegas website. An effective realty representative in her own right, Amie has sold greater than 700 homes on her own given that moving to Vegas with Scott in 2004. Like her other half, she has a penchant for speed and adventurer tasks. When not getting up property or saying over a style detail on a residence she and also Scott are flipping, she can generally be located with her horses or on among 8 motorbikes that she owns. Her love for anything equine originates from her training on a horse cattle ranch in Canada, keeps in mind the show's web site. She could typically be seen cruising around Vegas in her Porsche and also has a love for dirt biking and almost any kind of sporting activity that consists of a vehicle. She's pleased to claim she has rolled her sand plaything five times.

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A.Y.: We had a home that everyone sold on Craigslist for two years. It really did not have actually anything left in it; it resembled it had actually been in a war. No doors, no cupboards. They took out the fire place. They jackhammered the flooring.

It's boosted greatly. Last year, we had a lack of stock and prices went up around 20-25 percent in different locations. This year, it's canceling, which is just what we desire. We do not want any type of huge ups and large downs. We want stability. That's just what you're seeing-- a natural development, the natural method a market ought to grow. ... Eighty percent of the marketplace is traditional sales, so individuals have equity in their homes again.

Scott Yancey: We were initially in land growth, and also I would certainly commute to Central California. In around 2007, when things officially tanked, we were going to removal down to our home in Cabo as well as take a couple of years until the market came back. Exactly what ended up happening is we sold our house as well as were around to leave, as well as I overheard someone state that you could get a house in Vegas for $36,000 that would rent for $900 a month.
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Scott and also Amie have actually each made a fortune over the previous 20 years in the property service, and also they share a viewpoint of giving back to the community. As of 2014, Scott and also Amie each had a total assets of around $5 million and also feel extremely highly regarding sharing their excellent ton of money. In one episode of Flipping Vegas, the Yanceys are seen giving away a the home of a homeless damaged expert in need. In enhancement, they began a number of charities and also fundraiser, including Ride to Recovery events, which aid injured veterans.

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Concerning the greatest misunderstanding that viewers may have regarding the program, Scott Yancey claimed, "What individuals see is us emphasized in a house on an episode. Exactly what they do not see is us amie yancey design doing 5 others at the same time. [...] The TV program normally edits in the drama. They do not see that an hour from now, we're gon na be holding hands walking our pet dog someplace. They edit it in a manner that's undoubtedly going to be most enjoyable. They do not ever reveal me say 'thanks, great task' to somebody or show us mosting likely to a dining establishment at night or in the summer season on a coastline." [9] Amie Yancey said, "The main point is that in TELEVISION land, they speed whatever up. They [the viewers] assume, 'Oh, wow, it's a wind. They come in, and also it's done.' It takes a very long time to place them with each other, to pick the fit as well like this as coating and work with the quality. They just see a look of it." [9]
Scott is much even more compared to a genuine estate mogul-- he's likewise an Continued accomplished author.

S.Y.: Everybody enjoys Vegas, as well as there are a great deal of pluses to being here, however the market has actually gotten tighter currently for people to get houses. Other cities, like Detroit or Atlanta, or places like Florida and also Kansas, maybe said that they have far better possibilities in those locations. Yet do they have the home entertainment, the dining, the weather that we have below? So you ought to pay a bit more to be right here.

There was such a significant supply vs. need, we were eliminating it. And after that, years later on, people got involved in it, and also the supply as well as demand transformed. And also it got a little extra challenging to pursue houses. But we've been doing it enough as well as locating residential or commercial properties numerous different ways that we still had the ability to get an excellent quantity of quantity. Now it's altered again. Currently there's excess inventory, and the days on the marketplace are taking much longer.

I put additional surfaces and touches on them that-- I mean, nobody in this community, unless they were keeping the home or was a home owner improving it, would certainly have included a double-stacked cupboard (like I did to this house today). "What the individuals see is us emphasized in a home on an episode," Scott told The Las Vegas Sun. When not grabbing up actual estate or saying over a design detail on a residence she and Scott are flipping, she could normally be found with her horses or on one of eight motorcycles that she possesses. Exactly what ended up occurring is we offered our home and also were around to leave, and I heard somebody claim that you could get a residence in Vegas for $36,000 that would rent out for $900 a month. Regarding the greatest misconception that viewers could have concerning the show, Scott Yancey claimed, "What the individuals see is us worried in a house on an episode.

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